August Book/Birthday Haul!

Hi there!

A few days ago I turned 19 years old, and so, naturally, I have some pretty awesome stuff to show you. :) Admittedly there won’t be many books in this haul, but I think you’re going to like it anyway. ;)



First of all, I want to show you Uprooted by Naomi Novik. It’s the only book in this haul, and I actually bought it myself, but it’s so damn pretty that it pretty much counts as ten. ;)

(It is also very good)


Ooooh, shiny!


And this is what the spine looks like. :) I added the other two books to kind of give you an idea of how tall it is (I like knowing that myself before buying books). As you can see, it’s slightly taller than Behemoth (which I think of as the more standard tall book), and quite a bit taller than a normal sized hardcover.

Now on to the birthday-part of this haul! :)


My super lovely and amazing friends gave me quite a few things this year, the first being this golden snitch keychain, which they made!


They also made me this fantastic Lord of the Rings door sign! :D Aren’t they the best?!?


They used some other already existing signs as inspiration, and I’m sure you can find one for yourself if you want to. :)


And look at this super cute Baymax mug that they painted! It’s probably one of my favourites of the things they gave me this year. :)


Other than being cute, it is also very accurate since I am, indeed, not fast. ;)

They also gave me another mug with an inside joke painted on it, as well as the promise of a certain Rick Riordan book as soon as it gets released. :D


And last, but not least, my brother gave me this creeptastic Olaf mug. :) Now I can consume Olaf’s snowy brain. Yay!

And that was all for this year’s birthday haul. I’m so so happy with the things I got, and I’m seriously going to miss my friends!

But what about you? Did you get anything fun in August? Tell me down in the comments. :)

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