Hi there you most likely stranger of the internet :)DSC_0295 kopiera (2)

If you are reading this, you have found my blog.


Now it’s probably time for some proper introductions…

  • My name is Beatrice
  • 23 years old at the moment
  • Swedish
  • Veterinary student
  • I like drawing faces. Preferably ones with nice cheekbones.
  • Tv-shows and movies are nice, too
  • You’re supposed to sleep at night?! 10 hours?!? But that’s when I read…
  • One day I’ll have a room full of floor to ceiling book shelves, and that’ll be the moment I know I’ve succeeded at life.

That’s about it. Hopefully we’re a bit less like strangers now. :)

Oh, and on this blog, I’m going to do tags, reviews, show you some of my art projects, and also share some of my favourite quotes :)


Great :)

Hope you’ll find something interesting here :)




45 thoughts on “About

  1. Hai! I like your blog and while reading trough some of your post I picked up on your idea of Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt. I’m re-posting it on my blog. I’ll try it out. Also I’ve linked your original post and as a side picture put your side drawing. If any of this is not OK with you please tell me so I can remove any link or picture that is a problem for you.

    • It’s all okay, and thank you :). The original idea of the bookshelf scavenger Hunt is not mine, though, but originally comes from the youtuber I linked in My post. :) Perhaps you already knew that, but I thought I’d specify in case you didn’t

  2. Hiya! I tagged you here for the Book to Movie Wishlist tag. :) (Please don’t feel pressured to do it or anything – goodness knows I’m awful at keeping up with my own tags and whatnot!)

  3. Hello! I also like drawing (and of course reading) and I was wondering if you made your background. Its very pretty and I haven’t seen anything like it.

      • Everything! In middle school I had art for two hours every other day so I got better. But I like drawing everything-but having a reference lessens frustration- and in all kinds of mediums. Although charcoal and I , well we don’t get along so well ^_^

  4. Hey Beatrice (lovely name btw!),

    I was hoping that you could please help me. I’ve got the 7 Swedish hardcover harry potter books (originals) – all in brand new condition and unread.

    How much would say they are all worth? lol Any thoughts would be appreciated :)

    thanks -J

    • Hi :) (and thank you!)
      It’s kind of difficult for me to say to be honest, but I think you could possibly sell them for about 10-20 dollar each if your copies are in good shape. Sorry if I this is of no help to you

      • Thanks for the reply!

        I picked them all up for free (I’m learning Swedish) but on Amazon I saw copies of single books going for 2,000. Lol so for a second I thought that I may have some special books on my hands :/ now not sure lol.

        But thanks so much and sorry to bother!!

  5. Hi Beatrice, I have just stumbled upon you blog and I really really like it. It’s very organized and eye catching. The content is throughly interesting. I just started my own book blog as well and I was wondering if you had any tips on writing or organization?

  6. Hi, Beatrice. I want to tell you that your blog is awesome, just keep doing all of these stuff, because everything is amazing. My name is Iva and I’m from Bulgaria. I really liked some of your book tags, so I did them in my blog (translated). I have linked your original posts from you blog. I hope it is not a problem, and if it is, just let me know. Thank you! Greetings! :)

  7. Hey! I just stumbled across your blog when I was looking at Harry Potter Spells tags and firstly I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR BACKGROUND OMG! You’re so talented! I have recently just started up a blog to do with all things books, mainly YA fiction and it would be really cool if you could check it out! Absolutely adore you blog! Thank you! :)

  8. hey! I’ve made my very own book tag. I thought you should check it out. It’s entitled “Book Character Scavenger Hunt”


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