Beauty and the Beast Book Tag

Like many other individuals around the world, I went to see Beauty and the Beast in the theatre about a week ago, and since I’m not usually that into live-action versions of animated movies, I didn’t really expect to like it.

Well…I’m obsessed.

(Evermore is my life now)

So I thought to myself: “Heeeey, you know what would be fun to do right now? A Beauty and the Beast book tag, of course!”

And a few days later, here we are. :)

 This tag was originally created by Du Livre (and you should definitely head over there and check out her answers when you’re done here). However, I decided to add four more questions of my own at the end, three of which are based on new songs.

I hope you like it. :)

Though I’d probably describe him more as an anti-hero, I have to go with Victor Vale from V.E. Schwab’s Vicious for this one.

He has the obligatory tragic back story, the revenge plan, the lacking morals, the ominous powers, and most importantly: the amazing villain name.

10/10 heroes/villains would not want to come head to head with Victor Vale.


Well, while I don’t really have one couple that I always put above all the others (there are so many!), I’m gonna go with Percy and Annabeth.

I don’t know what it is, but Percy and Annabeth simply being in the same room will, and I’m not even kidding, make me squeal of joy (actually, just them mentioning the other’s name is enough to elicit that response).

They deserve eternal happiness, and I’m so sorry, but if you don’t like Percy and Annabeth, I’m not sure we can be friends.


I mean, most heroes in books/movies/stories in general are in some way or another destined for greater things, but I’m gonna pick Vin from the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson.

At the beginning of the story, that poor girl is an orphan living on the streets, and…well, you’ll find out what happens to her if you read the books, which I really suggest you do.


Might seem like an odd choice, but I’m going to pick Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, 100 % thanks to my girl Nina Zenik.

All that talk of waffles…


The Dragon and Agnieszka from Uprooted by Naomi Novik, also known as Mr. Neat Freak Wizard and Chaos Incarnate herself .

I love the dynamic between these two, and when I think about it, in a way they are both Beauty, and the Beast.

10/10 would pay to witness a minute of their banter.


I could pick many different characters for this, but I’m going with Gansey from The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater.

At first glance, Gansey seems like the standard charismatic rich boy, but as the story progresses, you realise there’s a lot more going on behind that president cellphone smile.

Ah, today’s kids with their ancient kings and post traumatic stress…


It might not always be something huge and life altering, but I do believe that every book I read affect me in one way or another. So which book do I pick?

Harry Potter could very easily be my answer, because that series has shaped my childhood in so many ways, and continues to do so now in my adult life. It feels like such a standard reply, though, so instead I’m going with…

All Rick Riordan’s books.

It’s kind of silly and should have been a given, but picking up The Lightning Thief when I was 15 (I think), kind of made me realise that I can read whatever the hell I want. There are no rules, and if I enjoy reading middle grade in my teens (and now my twenties), there’s literally nothing stopping me. There’s no reason to ever feel bad or ashamed for liking something.

(Well, unless you like robbing banks or something. Feel ashamed about that.)

So thank you, Rick Riordan, for writing such hilarious and amazing books.


Okay, let’s be real here, one of the main reasons why I decided to buy Caraval by Stephanie Garber, was the cover.

BUT! The hype definitely helped too.

I still haven’t read this one, but I’m really hoping the insides are deserving of such a gorgeous exterior, as well as all the buzz.


Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz.

No matter what, this book always gets me in some way.

Every. single. time.


Aaaand that was all! As usual, I don’t tag anyone in particular, but if you see this and think it looks like fun, go ahead. :) Also, if you have seen the new Beauty and the Beast movie, I’d love to know what you thought. :)

13 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast Book Tag

  1. I loved Beauty and the Beast sooo much! My mom and I went to see it because it’s her favorite fairy tale, and I will admit, I was NOT expecting that. It was awesome. I thought the casting was perfect, I loved the new songs, all the singing was wonderful….honestly, I’ve been talking about this movie for days, and I don’t think I’ve come up with a single complaint.
    YES to Percabeth OTP. Forever and always.

  2. Hello, I was wondering if I could ”copy” your tag in my blog. I will mention you of course but i thought i have to ask you first. The tag was amazing, especially A book you picked up because of hype. Adoring word.

  3. Hey, I love watching this live action Beauty and the Beast! It was beautifully made! And I loved yours tag, though. Wish you could look at mine. :)

  4. I love this! I’m going to have to try this when I get around to doing tags. Btw, I totally agree Evermore was like the most played track on my Spotify for a solid month! =D

  5. I love this tag so much! I know I’m seeing this late but I’ll be posting a video of this tag on my BookTube channel soon if that’s all right! I will of course credit you and the original creator :)
    I loved this movie! Days in the Sun really surprised me–I think it’s my favorite song they added!

  6. I really loved this tag! I’ve been waiting for this tag to exist but never know it did since last year – why I didn’t realized it back then?! Oh no…hahaha! I’m so glad you did add more questions to it. I’m gonna post this tag on my blog soon! Gonna credit both you and the owner. May I use your pictures of Beauty and the Beast? It looks gorgeous! :)

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it and want to do it too! 😊 I was so happy when I found the tag as well. I’d rather you didn’t use the pictures for this particular tag, but have fun answering the questions! 😊


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