Wrap-Up: November

Call Down the Hawk (Dreamer, #1)Supernova (Renegades, #3)The UnhoneymoonersThe Queen of Nothing (The Folk of the Air, #3)Twice in a Blue MoonThe Bookish Life of Nina Hill

Fiction: 6
Non-fiction: 0
Short stories: 0
Graphic novels: 0
Total: 6
Page count: 2 423
Average rating: 4.08

3 Favourite Covers:

  • Supernova
  • Call Down the Hawk
  • The Bookish Life of Nina Hill

3 Favourite Books:

  • Call Down the Hawk
  • The Queen of Nothing
  • Supernova

3 Favourite Characters :

  • Ronan (Call Down the Hawk)
  • Jude (The Queen of Nothing)
  • Cardan (The Queen of Nothing)

3 Favourite Relationships (Romantic):

  • Ronan & Adam (Call Down the Hawk)
  • Jude & Cardan (The Queen of Nothing)
  • Nova & Adrian (Supernova)

3 Favourite Relationships (Platonic):

  • The fucking Lynch brothers (Call Down the Hawk)
  • The Renegade crew (Supernova)
  • The Court of Shadows (The Queen of Nothing)
To Be Brief…

Call Down the Hawk (Dreamer Trilogy #1): This is the first book in the new trilogy about badass dreamer farm boy Ronan Lynch, and though it’s A New Thing and quite different from The Raven Cycle , it’s undeniably Stiefvater-ish. Meaning, people who love Maggie’s style will probably enjoy it, while those who expect it to be the fifth book in TRC might be disappointed. I loved it, personally, but to be honest, I’m not sure I even have the ability to dislike Maggie’s work at this point. The new characters were great, the story was intriguing, and the writing was as beautiful as always. This book, eerie as it was, made my heart full, and waiting for the sequel will be…tough. 5/5 stars

“You are made of dreams and this world is not for you.”

Supernova (Renegades #3)A great conclusion to the Renegades trilogy! I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the very end, but I didn’t hate it either. Also, I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of Gatlin and the Renegades. 4.25/5 stars

“Some people were always meant to be heroes.
Just like some people were always meant to be villains.”

The Unhoneymooners: An adult contemporary romance about two sworn enemies who, thanks to some bad shellfish, end up going to the already paid for honeymoon of their recently married siblings. Was the whole scenario of this book utterly ridiculous? Of course! But, thankfully, it was the kind of ridiculous that was also just plain fun. I really liked the snarky, bickering dynamic between Olive and Ethan, and I appreciated how tight-knit Olive’s family was. Yes, The Unhonemooners is far from flawless, but overall I’d say it’s still a pretty entertainging read. 3.75/5 stars

“I can appreciate my body in a bikini and still want to set fire to the patriarchy.”

The Queen of Nothing (The Folk of the Air #2): I’ve had such a blast reading this trilogy, and waiting for the conclusion these past months has been excruciating. This wasn’t necessarily my favourite in the series, the main reason being that it felt just a little bit too short, and just a little bit too rushed, but that’s not to say I didn’t like it. It was still a highly entertaining and satisfying ending to the trilogy, and it’s going to be sad no longer having a Folk of the Air book to look forward to. 4.25/5 stars

“After all, who wants to die slowly when you can die fast? Me.”

Twice in a Blue Moon: Another adult contemporary romance from Christina Lauren. This one is essentially about what happens when you run into your first love, 14 years after he severely betrayed your trust. I enjoyed reading this book, but in my opinion, the conflict of the story was resolved a bit too easily, and I wish there had been more tension between the characters. I definitely felt the anger surrounding the betrayal, though, which is something. A nice read, but I wanted just a bit more from it. 3.25/5 stars

“Do you want to live in the sun?” he asked quietly. “Or do you want to go back in the shadows?”

The Bookish Life of Nina Hill: Yet another feel good adult contemporary about an introverted book seller and trivia enthusiast, who suddenly finds herself with an entire herd of previously estranged relatives, feelings for her sort of nemesis, and more problems than she bargained for. I really liked the writing style in this one, and found reading about Nina getting to know her family just as interesting as her interactions with Tom, the love interest. I also liked that Nina was portrayed as an introvert who had a lot of very good friends, as well as several social obligations, which I feel isn’t that common in literature. The book also tackles anxiety and panic attacks, which I appreciated. There are a few things about this book I would change if I could, but honestly, who can resist a book lover MC who talks to her cat? 4/5 stars 

“She enjoyed people—she really did—she just needed to take them in homeopathic doses; a little of the poison was the cure.”



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