Book Haul: Time to Catch Up

Three months since my last haul, and four new and shiny books to show. :)


Stand-Off by Andrew Smith.

I got this little darling sometime at the beginning of September, I believe, and of course read it straight away (oh how I’ve been waiting!). In my opinion this one isn’t as good as Winger, but though I was disappointed in some ways, I still really enjoyed it. :)


As you might recall, I mentioned in my August haul that my friends had promised to get me The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan, as soon as it was released. Well, here it is, and damn was it good. :) Can’t wait for the next book!


They also gave me this gorgeous mug that they’d painted (including the background!). :D I’m so happy that I have such talented friends!



Then, of course, I got Patrick Ness’s new book, The Rest of Us Just Live Here, which I ordered from Waterstones because….


…yay signed!


And look! Yellow!

I actually kind of want the original UK edition, too, because it has blue pages and a dust jacket, as well as the US edition (which apparently glows in the dark!), but I’ll try to restrain myself. I’m just a bit annoyed at the fact that there was a sticker on the front that removed some of the colour when I pulled it off. :(


And last, but most certainly not least, I have to show you Winter by Marissa Meyer, the last and highly anticipated book in the Lunar Chronicles! I have seriously waited nearly two years for this beauty, and it did not disappoint! Man am I going to miss those crazy and adorable kids with their rebellions and kissing…


These are all the books I currently have in my immediate possession, and no, I don’t know how I’m still alive. Thankfully, I’ll be moving to a more permanent place in January, which means I’ll finally be able to transport the rest of my collection here. :) Phew!

And that was all for this haul. :) Hopefully it won’t be too long until my next one, and then, if things go as planned, I should have my own bookshelves back!


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