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Tag: The Literary Dinner Party

Tag: The Literary Dinner Party

Hey!  Soooo, I’m having a small break from school (yay! :D), which means I finally have some time to do something actually enjoyable :). I know this tag is kind of old, but it seemed fun, and I really need something bright and shiny right now :). It’s originally from youtube, and was created by … Continue reading

Day 16 – Favourite Female Character

Hello :D I’m just going to do this the same way I did it yesterday…by cheating ;) My 10 Favourite Female Main Character Right Now Beatrice “Tris” Prior (Divergent) Tris was absolutely one of my favourite heroins last year. She is strong, brave, smart, brutal, kind, selfless and selfish, all at the same time. She … Continue reading

Day 15 – Favourite Male Character

If you have read my previous posts, I think you know were this is going…. My 10 Favourite Male Main Characters…Right Now Todd Hewitt (Chaos Walking) I’m seriously, completely in love with Todd Hewitt…and I don’t know why. He isn’t your usual swoon-worthy male character, but it’s just something about him. I want him to … Continue reading

Day 14 – Favourite Quote

Favourite quote…of like, ever? Out of every written word I have ever read? You know that’s impossible, right? So instead, I have decided you will get one quote I really like, from every book I have on my favourites-list on Goodreads :). Sounds good? Here we go :) “It is a strange thing, but when … Continue reading

My Bookshelf Part Two: The Banished Ones

My Bookshelf Part Two: The Banished Ones

In many ways, these shelves contain my “banished” books. All the books whose covers I don’t like, or the ones that isn’t hardcover, I take to my dad’s place. Yeah, sounds kind of sad, but I rather have one bookshelf I really love, than two that both feel messy. So here you have my banned … Continue reading

Day 03 – Your Favourite Series

Oh, hard, really hard… I have so many favourite series, but I don’t think I have mentioned this one, so it gets the honor ;). I also feel that it has to be a finished series :). Vampire Academy, by Richelle Mead I’m kind of short on time, so here are the Goodreads description of … Continue reading