Wrap-Up: April

The Goose Girl (The Books of Bayern #1)The Bookshop on the CornerHeart of Iron (Heart of Iron, #1)

Novels: 3
Novellas: 0
Graphic novels: 0
Non-fiction: 0
Total: 3
Page count: 1 218

Favourite Cover:

  • Heart of Iron

Favourite Book:

  • The Goose Girl

3 Favourite Characters :

  • Ani (The Goose Girl)
  • Geric (The Goose Girl)
  • Jax (Heart of Iron)

3 Favourite Relationships (Romantic):

  • Ani & Geric (The Goose Girl)
  • Robb & Jax (Heart of Iron)
  • Ana & Di (Heart of Iron)

3 Favourite Relationships (Platonic):

  • Ani & Enna (The Goose Girl)
  • Nina & Surinder (The Bookshop on the Corner)
  • Ana & Siege (Heart of Iron)
To Be Brief…

The Goose Girl (The Books of Bayern #1): This was such a lovely and comfy book, and read very much like a traditional fairy tale. I really enjoyed it, and will definitely be picking up the sequels at some point. 4/5 stars

“But my aunt said, if we don’t tell strange stories, when something strange happens we won’t believe it.”

The Bookshop on the Corner: This is pretty much a 368-page-long love letter to Scotland, books and reading, and I thought that aspect of it was pretty darn delightful! However, something about the writing felt a bit off, and I sadly didn’t love the romance. Still, as I’ve mentioned before, I really like the atmosphere in Colgan’s books, and I’ll probably pick up more in the future. 3.25/5 stars

“There was a universe inside every human being every bit as big as the universe outside them.”

Heart of Iron (Heart of Iron #1): Okay, so before I get into my rant, know that I didn’t think this was a horrible book. I gave it 3 stars after all, and it was actually kind of entertaining, but…well, it had some flaws. First of all, there were quite a few typos (which is so unnecessary), the writing could definitely have needed some work, and it was a bit repetitive. The worldbuilding was not great and despite some info-dumping at the beginning, I was semi-confused throughout a large part of the book. The characters’ actions didn’t always make sense, either, and it was pretty obvious that some things happened merely for the sake of the plot. Also, though I’m interested in and liked the characters, four POVs were too much for this story in my opinion, and I usually love multiple POVs. None of the characters got the development they deserved, and the relationships lacked proper build-up. Basically, I think this book tried to be too much all at once, and sadly ended up feeling messy and rushed instead.

I really did want to love this book (Anastasia is one of my all-time favourites), but it just fell a bit short. However, it had some redeeming qualities and did pick up a bit towards the end. I definitely think the story has potential, so don’t be surprised if I end up reading the sequel as well. I just hope it will be better than this one. 3/5 stars

“Goddess save us, I’m gonna die beside a smart-ass.”

Sorry for being a bit late, April has been a pretty busy month for me (sigh). I honestly got into a bit of a slump after March (possibly because of school), but I think I’m on my way out of it. :) I have some highly anticipated releases coming my way in May, after all, and I’m quite excited to get to them!
How’s your month been? Better than mine, I hope. :)

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