Defacing Chaos Walking

Aaaand I’m back with more defaced books! :D

This time, I want to show you all three books in the Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness, one of my all time favourite series.

I used silver, gold, and blue metallic gel pens for everything except the red parts on The Knife of Never Letting Go, which was done with acrylic paint. :)


The Knife of Never Letting Go

Okay, so first we have The Knife of Never Letting Go, which I actually finished last. I’m super happy with how it turned out, and it’s probably my favourite out of the three, though it was a real pain to paint the silhouettes. The black from the background kept seeping through, so I had to do around 5+ layers of paint. It was worth it, though.

On the front, I painted Manchee and wrote “Coward” about a million times around him. Why? Because I love pain.

I used this picture as a reference.


For the back I wanted something a bit nicer, though, so I drew Todd and Viola surrounded  by “Here.” There has to be a balance, you know. ;)

As a reference I used this.




The Ask and The Answer

If you read my last post about defacing books, you’ve already seen this one, but I thought I’d include it here as well.

The Ask and the Answer was the first one I defaced from the trilogy, and now there are things I wish I’d done a bit differently, but I’m still satisfied with the way it looks. :)





Monsters of Men

Last, but not least, we have this heartbreaker.

For Monsters of Men I pretty much did the same thing on both sides because yay, symmetry, except that I wrote BOOM on the front, and VIOLA on the back.





And this is what they all look like next to each other:

Pretty darn nice, if I may say so myself. ;)





I really liked working on these, but I’m so glad they’re finished. I will never look at the words “coward,” “Here,” “ROAR,” “BOOM,” and “VIOLA” the same way ever again.

10 thoughts on “Defacing Chaos Walking

  1. OH this is so beautiful just as always! Lol I’d pay to have someone do that to some of my favorite books! :D

    I’ve never read the Chaos Walking trilogy but I read Ness’ A Monster Calls about a month ago and really enjoyed it so I’m hoping to read more of his books sometime soon!

  2. These are utterly GORGEOUS. I love this trilogy anyway, and your work just elevates the books themselves into a personalized work of art. <3


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