New Background!

That’s right, folks! I have changed background for (I think) the first time since 2013!

fun party applause celebrate how i met your mother

Okay, so it might not be thaaat different. I went with pretty much the same concept because I still really like it, but I thought it was time to update it a bit. In these past three years I’ve read a lot of great books, and overall I think my tastes have changed a bit. :)

For this new version, I have made 26 new “scraps” featuring drawings from both new and old books that I absolutely love. However, even though some books in the old drawings are no longer really my favourites, I still decided to leave them in. They did play a major part in my reader life, after all. :) So basically, it’s a mix of books I love now, and books I have loved at some point.

But enough about that. In case you’ve forgotten already, this is what my background looked like before….


….and this is what it looks like now. :)


You can’t see all the drawings unless you zoom out a bit, so here’s a close-up as well. :)



And that was all I had to say for now. :) I hope you like the new background as much as I do. :D

ouran high school host club tamaki tamaki puppy eyes


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