Book/Christmas Haul

Weirdly enough, I didn’t wish/ask for any particular books this christmas. I think I pretty much forgot all about this fine holiday of presents and candy until the 24th when, suddenly, I found myself surrounded by family and wrapping paper (in fact, I’m still not sure christmas 2015 is a thing that actually happened…). However, this didn’t stop me from getting myself something extra special. ;)


First of all, I obviously had to get the new and fabulously illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Yes, this means I now own three copies of this book, sue me.

But seriously, this book makes me so happy, and the illustrations are nothing short of amazing! (Jim Kay, first A Monster Calls, and now this) I’m so so excited for The Chamber of Secrets! (whenever it comes out)




Then, I also got the first two (beautiful) books in Terry Pratchett’s DEATH series. I just finished Mort moments ago, and as expected, it was great. Death is one of my favourite characters in the Discworld series (who doesn’t love Death?), and I’ll be very surprised if I don’t enjoy Reaper Man as well. :)


And I can’t get enough of this edition! I kind of had to stop myself from ordering the complete collector’s library set, but as there are..heh..22 of them, it’s probably for the best that I refrained.

I do really want the Witches series, though.


Last, but not least, I want to show you something that was actually a gift, though not a book. My friend’s mom got me this really pretty Doctor Who necklace-clock, and I’ve been wearing it lots since then. :) One can’t have too many fandom-things. ;)

And that’s all the book pictures I have for today, but you can definitely expect more soon. Very soon. As it happens, I have finally gotten my own (ish) place, which means….NEW BOOKSHELF!



9 thoughts on “Book/Christmas Haul

  1. I’m SO jealous, I LOVE the covers for that edition of Discworld. I just… I neeeeeed them, but…so expensive to get them?! XD Gaaaaah. So pretty though–also, Reaper Man is great! (Death is also my favorite Discworld character.)

    • Yay, that’s great to hear! :) Looking forward to getting into it. :D

      Oh, and if only one had access to unlimited amounts of money to spend on books…what a beautiful world/shelf that would be

  2. Omg those Death books are BEAUTIFUL!!! And I love the illustrated HP book! Every time I look at my copy I just smile! Haha!! The next one should be out around September! I heard they’re releasing one a year!

  3. Hello! I really like your blog, and I have one too. So I was wondering if you can chek it. And please feel free to tell me about anything that shoould be changed. Thank you very much. By the way, I love the background.


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