It’s a Sad Sad Situation…

I realised something a few days ago.

Something quite sad.

Are you ready?

I’m gonna say it now…

When I move in less than a month, I’ll have to say goodbye to my bookshelves as I currently know them. 

I know…sad, right?

 Thing is, due to where I’ll be living, I probably won’t be able to put up bigger things on the walls, and since all my current shelves need to be attached to something so not to tip over, this means I’ll have to get new ones alltogether. Also, I’ll most likely, dare I say it, leave some of my darling books behind.

Okay, okay, it could be way worse, but things will definitely change. I despise change (until I get used to it).

So, I just wanted to say a proper farewell to my lovely shelves by showing you guys their current state before…sigh…I have to take them down.

Cue Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t she lovely”…




Goodbye, old friends…



10 thoughts on “It’s a Sad Sad Situation…

  1. I am dying in envy of your shelves and organization! I looove the way you organize by series. Rainbow shelves drive me crazy because I always wonder how they find the next book!


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