Raven Cycle Major Arcana Art Contest

Hi there :)

So, if you’re following Maggie Stiefvater on twitter or tumblr, you might know that she sometimes organises art contests, giving away cool things like her own art or doodled books etc. The things some people come up with during these competitions are absolutely fantastic and creative, and it all seems so much fun, but since I’m more comfortable drawing portraits, I’ve never joined in before. Well, not this time. :)

Like I said, it’s far from what I usually draw, but I had a lot of fun making it, so…here’s my entry :)

Oh, and you can find details about the contest here.



4 thoughts on “Raven Cycle Major Arcana Art Contest

  1. I want to recommend to you the Lockwood & Co. books by Jonathan Stroud; they’re SOOOOO good, I stayed up until 1 AM reading the second book because I just couldn’t put it down! The first book is The Screaming Staircase. It’s about these kids in England who solve mysteries and fight ghosts (without adult supervision, of course). I think you would really like it. :)


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