Five Favourites of the Month: September

Better late than never, right?

Five Favourites of September:

5.  Butter Beer and Who-Mug

My friend and I tried making Butter Beer, and it was super tasty!

Also, bonus points for using my Doctor Who-mug for the first time. ;)

4. The Maze Runner Movie

I wasn’t a huge fan of the book when I read it back in 2012, but I actually really liked the movie. :)

The action and suspense translated much better on the big screen, and one of my biggest problems with the book was that it took too long before we actually found out anything of importance, and that’s obviously not a problem when the movie itself is about 2 h.

Sure, it didn’t stick that well to the original story, especially the second half, but since I’m not that attached to it, I didn’t mind. :)

3.  Puppy!

My aunt got this super adorable little toy poodle this month, and I just want to cuddle him for eternity.

I LOVE dogs, in case you didn’t know, and I don’t have one myself, so I’m reeeally excited about this little guy. :)

2. Wicked

I’ve been listening like crazy to the soundtrack of Wicked (the musical), and I love it!

The reason behind my newfound interest in musicals? See below.

1. London!

YES! My three best friends and I have booked a week-long trip to London, and among many other things (like bookstore browsing and going to museums), we’re planning to go see Wicked :D.

It’ll be the first time any of us travel without parental figures, and it’s going to be so much fun!

June can’t come fast enough. :)

Do you have anything fun from the month of September you want to share, or maybe a few London-tips you want to give me? Feel free to tell me about it down in the comments :).


2 thoughts on “Five Favourites of the Month: September

  1. The Butter Beer on The Making of Harry Potter in London was quite awful :P Maybe I should try making it myself… What recipe did you use? :)
    I’m actually going to London on wednesday! :D Hopefully I get to see a musical, last time we were there we saw The Phantom of the Opera (magical) and The Lion King (super fun). By the way, I have tagged you on my blog! Go check it out ;D

    • My friend found it on tumblr so I’m not sure, but I can post it if I find it :).

      Oh, that’s awesome! :D I want to see the lion king, too. :)

      Thanks, I will def check it out :).


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