Five Favourites of the Month: July

Five Favourites of July:

5. Flying

About two weeks ago, I took a trip to Stockholm for a few days, and since my dad was already there with our sailboat, I had to take a plane down by myself….

…and I really love flying. :)

I love the take-off, the flying itself, the landing…and in some weird ways even the airport.

I don’t get to do it that often, though, so naturally, this trip was one of my favourite things last month.

Plus, it only take about an hour to get to Stockholm from where I live, so it was a nice and short flight. :)

4. New Bookstore

For so long, there has only been one bookstore in the town where I live, and it mostly sells swedish books and translations…but no more. :)

In July, we got a brand new one (with the majority of the books in english), and while I prefer to order my books from the internet, it’s super nice to have the option to just go to the store and buy some if I ever felt like it. :)

(We’ll see how long it survives, though :/)

3. Namesake

If you checked out my reading update for July, you already knew this, but I’m going to say it again:

I’ve started reading a webcomic called Namesake! :)

The creators are Isabelle Melançon and Megan Lavey-Heaton, and the comic is basically about a girl named Emma, who accidentally ends up in Oz. It is full of awesome characters, fairy tales, and lots of other good stuff. :)

Also, it’s completely free (though you can buy hardcovers of volume 1 and 2), and has been updated frequently since 2010. :)

Definitely recommend. :)

Namesake: Book 1

2. In the Flesh

Oh, In the Flesh, what even…

In case you haven’t heard of it before, In the Flesh is a BBC mini-series about a small english town called Roarton, where, a few years earlier, people raised from their graves….and started killing people. At the beginning of season 1, some scientists have found a cure, and the zombies, now pretty much like their old selves (though no longer aging), are about to return to a society full of hate, prejudice, and fear.


This show has made me cry, laugh, and think about serious issues, and the main character Kieren is a precious puppy eyed cutie (who ate people for a while)!

Watch it!

(By the way, it’s not really scary, in case you’re a scaredy cat like me)

1. How to Train Your Dragon 2

Man, this movie reached and exceeded all my high expectations.


But what about you? Any movies, series, music, or other things you would like to recommend? Please feel free to tell me about it down in the comments. :)



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