Five Favourites of the Month: June

Five Favourites of May:

5. Walking on Sunshine

Admittedly, this movie isn’t the best in the world. Actually, in some ways….it kind of sucked.

BUT, since I watched it for free at the cinema with one of my best friends on a day that would have otherwise been really bad, it was just a fun and enjoyable experience. :)

It’s a movie that makes you happy, I’ll give it that.

4. Shameless

Two years ago I had an intense Shameless period during the summer, but stopped watching when I ran out of episodes (naturally), and didn’t think much about it after that….until this month.

If you didn’t know, Shameless is basically a TV-series about a drunk called Frank, and his many children. The crazy shit this family goes through is seriously insane, and I think it’s a funny, sad, and simply great show.

Beware of strong language and explicit content, though. It’s not for everybody.

Oh, and I’m talking about the American version. :)

3. Emma Miniseries

Oh oh oh, and I also watched this really great miniseries from 2009 based on Jane Austen’s novel. :) I haven’t read Emma yet, but this show was really well done, made me super happy, and thanks to it I’ll probably pick up the book soon….ish. ;)

2. The Fault in Our Stars Movie!

Dude, this adaptation was everything I could have ever hoped for.

Tears man, tears.

1. School’s Out!

Need I say more?



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