Five Favourites of the Month: March

I know I’m a couple of days late, but anyway, here it is…

Five Favourites of the Month:

5. The Scorpio Races

First of all, this month, I’ve been listening to the audiobook of The Scorpio Races, and man, it sure reminded me of how gorgeous this book is! The voices are perfect, and I love that they decided to hire two different people instead of having a girl trying to sound like a guy and vice versa. :) If you’re interested in getting into audiobooks, definitely pick this one up. :) It’s on Audible and you can get it for free if you try one month. :)

4. Anastasia

After coming home from Mexico, I was hit by a tidal wave of nostalgia, and decided to watch my favourite childhood movie, Anastasia. Oh, and let me tell you, it was so much fun. This movie is THE BEST, and no one can convince me otherwise. ;) Plus, the soundtrack is so lovely that I don’t know what to do, and if you’ve never watched Anastasia, you seriously have to get on that…pronto.

3. The Zolas

This month, I also started listening to this band called The Zolas, and since I really like their stuff so far, I wanted to tell you guys about them. :)

So yeah, here you have one of my favourite songs by The Zolas :):

2. Hannibal

YES! Hannibal is back in business, and you cannot believe how much I have missed this brutal piece of TV-show. If you don’t have any problems with blood and disgusting things (imagine the most appalling thing you can think of…and the, multiply it by ten), I can highly recommend you to watch it. :)

1. Mexico!

And now, my favourite of them all! I got the chance to experience so many amazing things during those two weeks, like swim with turtles and visit Chichén Itzá (super cool, guys!), and I already miss the sun and heat like crazy. :D


 But what about you? Any exciting movies, great songs, or fun adventures? Tell me down in the comments. :)


2 thoughts on “Five Favourites of the Month: March

  1. OMG Anastasia was one of my favourite childhood movies! <3 Hannibal is also epic! Could you please do an updated bookshelf tour??

    • I know, it’s so lovely <3. And Hannibal is so creepy and amazing!
      Sure, I'd love to, it was a while since i last did one. :) Plus, any excuse to spend time with my books is good enough ;)


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