Five Favourites of the Month: November

Hello there :)

Shall we try this one more time? :)

Top Five Favourites of the Month

5. Vampire Weekend

This month I started listening to Vampire Weekend, and while I don’t like every single song they’ve made, I still really like their music. :)

This is the song that got me into it :)

4. Howl’s Moving Castle

I’ve finally seen Howl’s Moving Castle, and it was so wonderful, cute and beautiful! :)

I absolutely love Calcifer!

If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely do, and I would recommend you seeing it in the original language. :)

3. Doctor Who

If you have been on the internet this month (or among people), you’ve probably heard about the 50th anniversairy of the amazing show Doctor Who. :)

Well, thanks to it, I finally came around finnish watching the last episodes, and was reminded of just how much I love Doctor Who <3

2. Catching Fire

Holy shit this is a freaking amazing book to film adaptation! I LOVED it!

God, just imagine if all adaptations were as good as this…

1. More Shelves!

Last, but not least…I’ve gotten two more shelves for my books! :D Yay!

Now I have room for like 2 + years of bookbuying (unless I start buying a lot more books than usual that is), and that makes me really happy!

What are your favourite things of November? Tell me in the comments :)


2 thoughts on “Five Favourites of the Month: November

  1. I took a trip with my family to Stockholm :) Also I have been hanging out a lot with a couple of friends, and that is always (to quote the Doctors, even though I’m still at season 3) lovely ;)


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