Yay for Improvement!


First of all, you might have noticed that the whole “five favourites of the week”-thing didn’t quite work out. I’ve skipped it two weeks in a row now, simply because I didn’t feel like I had enough things significant enough to show you, and I don’t like blogging “just because”. Therefore, I thought I should try making it a monthly event instead, so let’s see how that goes. :)

But that’s not why I summoned you here. Yesterday, I was hit by a sudden need to draw something, and as per usual, I now want to show you the result. :)

So here you have my portrait of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes. :)


One of my favourite things about drawing, is how easy it is to see how much you’re improving. That you’re actually getting better the more you practise.

For example, a little bit over a year ago, I drew this:


It’s not the exact same picture, but almost, and I’m so so much more pleased with the new one. I feel like I have gotten better, and it kind of makes me feel that if I just work hard enough,  I can get better still. And that really motivates me and makes me want to draw more.:)

What do you think about this? Do you feel the same way? Does it matter to you if you get better the more you do something? Tell me in the comments :).

4 thoughts on “Yay for Improvement!


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