Five Favourites of the Week (#6)

Hi :)

You might have noticed that I failed to do this last week (I know), and since I did, I thought I would include the things I had planned to mention then, in this post.

So welcome to…

Top Five Ten Favourites of the Week

10. August Rush

I know this isn’t exactly something new, but I watched it with my friend the other night, and I thought it was such a nice, cute feel-good movie that I had to tell you about it here. :)

If you didn’t know, it’s about a young boy who, with the help of music, tries to find his long lost parents, and I really enjoyed it. :)

9. Have Been Driving a Lot

In Sweden, we don’t get our driver’s license until we’re 18, so I’m still in learning. I have about one year left to practise until I can get my license, but due to school and other stuff, I only get to do it like once every other week, which kind of bums me out. This week, though, I’ve had the chance to drive more than usual, and it makes me feel really good. :)

8. The Festival of Light

In my town, we have this thing every year called the festival of light, and while it’s not that big, it’s still really fun. You know, lots of people, music, and a nice kind of atmosphere…it’s a winning concept, really. :)

7. New Music

I’ve started listening to some “new” music. I say “new” since it really isn’t that new…it’s quite old actually. What I’ve been listening to, is The Beatles, a band I’ve always heard lots about, but never really given a chance.

What I like so much about their songs, is how…old they sound. It almost makes me feel sentimental, and they had broken up long before I was even born.


6. Bought Tickets to Catching Fire

Guys…it’s time. In only 17 days, I will sit in the dark with my friends, and finally watch Catching Fire.

God, I’m excited!

5. Halloween

As you probably know, October is the month of halloween, and though I didn’t get to dress up this year, I still spent the evening with my friends, watching lots of Tim Burton-movies and eating candy. :)


4. Pay-off

Don’t you just love it when your hard work finally pays off? I know I do, and finding out I got an A on a project I worked really hard on made me super happy :D.

3. Rewatched Harry Potter

I don’t know why, but this week, I had a mighty need to rewatch every Harry Potter-movie, so I did….and it turned me into a emotional wreck for a while, to be honest.

God, I love Harry Potter…

2. Allegiant

Yes, I have read Allegiant.

Yes, it made me cry and my life will never be the same.

I loved it.

1. No School!

This week’s winner…THERE WAS NO SCHOOL!



This meant time for sleep, time for reading, and time for DOING NOTHING!

So, what’s been great about your week? tell me in the comments. :)




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