Five Favourites of the Week (#5)

Hi :)

Sunday is here, and once again it’s time for me to share my favourite things with the internet. :)


Top Five Favourites of the Week:

5. Hercules

Yesterday, I watched the Disney-film Hercules with my friends for the first time in years. For the first time since Percy Jackson.

The movie itself isn’t actually my favourite this week. My favourite is the experience of watching it. I kept thinking to myself: “Ha! That’s not Hera.” “You got that completely wrong.” And so on.

It was so much fun. ;)

Plus, I think I managed to make one of my friends wanting to read PJO, so bonus points!

Also, Hades is freaking awesome.

4. Ordered Allegiant

Guys…it’s on its way.

3. The Neighbourhood

This week, my friend and I started listening to this band called The Neighbourhood, and I have been listening to their songs like crazy for days. :) I really, really like them so far, and since I’ve never seen/heard anyone mention them before, I thought I would. :)

2. Got Me Some Books

As I’ve mentioned earlier this week, I’m now have four new  books in my posession. :D *Happy dance*

I can’t stop looking at them. I can’t stop smiling. I just can’t.

And this, my friends, leads to this weeks winner…

1. A Weekend Full of Readin’

I have basically been reading non-stop for about two days, and it has been awesome <3. I’m done with The House of Hades and Emerald Green, and I just started Fangirl a while ago (I think I’ll have to pull an all-nighter). They have all been more than great!

It has been so nice to relax, block out school, and just enjoy some absolutely amazing stories. I love it

This means that I have three unwritten reviews waiting for me, though….woops..

Now I really need to go back to Fangirl (oh heavens it’s so adorable!). ;)

Bye! :)


2 thoughts on “Five Favourites of the Week (#5)

  1. I love Hercules despite all the inaccuracies (but then one could say the same about a lot of Disney movies…)! And Hades is just amazing, seriously.

    I too have Fangirl waiting to be read! Everyone I know who has read it loved it, so I’m really looking forward to it .And not at all because I know I’ll be able to relate…. Seriously, why would anyone think that? ;)

    • Fangirl was absolutely amazing! :D I stayed up almost all night reading and only got two hours of sleep (wasn’t feeling on top yesterday, but totally worth it ;)). It was impossible to stop!


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