Five Favourites of the Week (#3)

Hi :)

If you’re new here, this is the part where I tell you about five things that, in one way or another, have made me happy the past week. :)

These last few days have been quite stressful for me, but I think I can dig out a thing or two. :)

My Top Five Favourites of the Week

5. Reached My Goal on Goodreads

Wohoo! :D I admit 80 books is a kind of low goal for me (I’m about 20 books ahead), but still. :) Now I can just relax and see how far I’ll be able to take it. :)


4. Reread Eleanor & Park

A few days ago, I was hit by a sudden need to reread the absolutely amazing book Eleanor & Park, and I have to say, it was just as awesome the second time around. ;)

If you haven’t read Eleanor & Park yet, then holy shit what are you waiting for?! It’s one of my absolute favourite contemporaries of 2013!


3. A Good Book to Read in Class

You might or might not know this, but english is my favourite subject in school, easy. I love swedish as well (wich is basically the same, except the level is a bit higher…obviously), and if it weren’t for the fact that I hate french (okay, I don’t hate french…it’s just so irritably difficult), I would say that I love language, period.

This week, it all got even better. :) You see, we don’t have that much required reading in Sweden (most of the time we get to choose a book ourselves), but I think we’ve all experienced a few really bad books thanks to school.

Not this time, though! The book my teacher presented to the class this week actually made me really excited. :) I’m about 100 pages in, and it is, quite frankly, pretty awesome. :)


2. Ordered Books

I’m pretty sure you guys are all aware that there are some highly anticipated books coming out this month, and a few days ago, I ordered two of them. :)

For me, hitting that order-button is enough to boost my mood for days, and I’m just so, so excited!

1. Set Aside Some Time to Draw

I love drawing. I love it, I love it, I love it……but I very rarely actually do it. Why? Well, it’s like this…..when I draw, I want that to be the only thing on my mind. I want to be able to just sit down and and put pen to paper without having to be somewhere, or do anything else. It’s time consuming as hell, and I want that time to be undisturbed.

Yesterday, I found myself having the time, so I took the chance and drew something for the first time in months. I have already shown you the result, but if you missed it, here you have my latest portrait:


So that was it :). Next week is going to be quite tough as well, but I’ve already written two reviews that will be posted Monday and Wednesday, so yeah :).

Bye! :)


2 thoughts on “Five Favourites of the Week (#3)

  1. Congratulations on reaching your Goodreads goal!!

    “For me, hitting that order-button is enough to boost my mood for days, and I’m just so, so excited!” <— I've had those days *nods*


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