Five Favourites of the Week (#2)

Damn it! It has only been like one week, and I was already this close to completely forget about this thing. Sometimes I fear for my memory…

Oh well, since I really need to go to bed, this will be kind of brief, but I hope that’s okay. :)

My Top Five Favourites of the Week

5. Finished Something

This week (about two hours ago, actually), my friends and I finished a short film-thingy that we’ve been working on for weeks (for school), and the feeling of being done, to never have to watch it ever again…well, it’s awesome.

4. Spent a Whole Day in My Pajamas

Today I walked around in my pajamas basically until dinner time. It was super comfy and nice, but honestly, I wouldn’t be able to do it very often. If I go too long without ordinary clothes, I kinda feel like the world’s laziest and most boring person. In small doses it’s amazing, though. ;)


3. My Friend Borrowed a Book

This might sound weird , but one of my friends decided to borrow The Scorpio Races from me, and that made me super happy. It means that my nagging is finally paying off! Yay! (She’s almost done with it, and I think she’s enjoying it, but she sadly prefer not to discuss the books she read :()


2. The Help

I know I’m kind of behind on this, but last night my friend and I watched The Help for the first time. I thought it was a great movie that really made an impression on me. While watching it, I felt so, so angry, and even now, 24 hours later, I still haven’t stopped thinking about it. I will most likely read the book if I ever get the opportunity. :)

1. The Dream Thieves

Yes, on Friday, I finished this super amazing book, and to say the least, I loved it. I have now started a campaign to get my friends to start reading the series so that we can talk about it, and I think I have made some progress on at least one of them ;).


So that was all :)

I hope you’ve had a nice week, and I’ll see you soon :)



6 thoughts on “Five Favourites of the Week (#2)

  1. Nice! Sometimes during the weekends when I’m off work and don’t have any errands to do, I spend my day in pajamas too. Very comfy!

    I also see The Heroes of Olympus there peeking in your shelf. I have them too! and I love the Percy Jackson series! :)


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