New Shelves!

Last week, I let you guys know that I had gotten two new shelves for my books. :D I really needed them because my “old” one had started to sag a bit, and while the books fit now, they won’t by the end of the year….*cough*..The House of Hades…*cough*….Allegiant….*cough*…Emerald Green….

So, yeah…here you have my new darlings :)


Right now, I mostly have random stuff, my Harry Potter-movies, and the Twilight-books (that I was originally planning to take to my dad’s), but as soon as all the new releases arrive, it will look quite different :).


Also, as you can see, there’s still room left for a third shelf (that I will get pretty soon), so I don’t think I’ll run out of space for some time :).

On another subject entirely, I just finsihed The Dream Thieves, and let me just squeal for all eternity. It was so GOOD! I will write a review as soon as possible, but for now, just know that this book was everyhting I wanted it to be and more. :D

How will I be able to wait for the next one?

It is a tough life I have chosen….

Oh well.

Bye! :D


4 thoughts on “New Shelves!

  1. Lovely shelves! They’re so organized. I love the vintage camera on your shelf! Do you use it?

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and for following! :)


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