Honey, I’m Hoome!

So, I’m back from France! :D

Okay, fine, I’ve been home for almost a week already, which you might already know since I posted my reading update a couple of days ago, but I wanted to officially announce that I’m back. :)

So why didn’t you do it earlier, then, missy?

You know, I’ve been busy…….watching Downton Abbey.

Oh wait just a minute! Let me finish! I have been working all week as well, but yeah….it’s mostly because of Downton Abbey…aka the newest life ruiner in my collection.

You see, I have seen this series around for some time, and ever since Danisnotonfire talked about it in one of his videos, I’ve been curious. I was tired, had nothing to do, and well, I thought it might be fun.


Isn’t that how everything starts? Oh golly, I should start watching Supernatural, it might be fun! Who is that dude with the cheekbones on Tumblr? Oh, it’s Benodilingict Cumlggjingbatch playing Sherlock, I should watch it. It might be FUN.

So, yes, I did watch all three seasons in about three days.

No, I have not been sleeping much.

Yes, I have seen the last episode.

Soo…would it be okay if I died now?

Who freaking needs a soul anyway?

I just LOVE crying my eyes out over fictional characters at 5 a.m.

Why do everything I love hurt me like this?

I’m so sorry, you probably don’t care about Downton Abbey or my pain, but my friends are all away, sick, or don’t care, so it’s either the internet or my mum.

Moving on to the trip.

France was just amazing! I’m not going to get that much into it since, well, this is not a blog about my personal life, it’s about books…but I can’t help it sometimes.

Books sadly didn’t play that big a part of my week in France. I only read one novel, which was This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen, but I did buy myself a book! :)


My precious…

So now I am in the possession of a very lovely paperback copy of The Hobbit, which will hopefully inspire me to finally read it :D.

If you are not interested at all in music or concerts, you can stop reading here if you’d like :). I won’t mind. :) I just have to tell the world about my happiness!

As you might have read earlier, the most exciting part of this trip, was the fact that my friend and I would get the chance to go see out favourite band, Muse, live! :D

Honestly, according to me, you haven’t lived life until you’ve attended a big concert! I have done that twice by now, first last August when I went to see Coldplay in Stockholm, and now last Wednesday when I saw Muse in Nice :D. To me, there is no greater feeling in the world!

Matt och Chris

This, my friend, is how close I stood, and I can’t describe with words how happy I was and still am about it :D <3.

I stood like two metres away from people I have dreamt about seeing for more than two years, and during Undisclosed Desires, when they all stepped down from the stage, I touched the singer and the drummer’s hands (god, they where smooth). oh, you can’t imagine the rush.

But that’s not all…


THIS, you see, is me and one of the men in the picture above. THIS, is me and Chris Wolstenholme, the bass player in Muse. My friend and I had an opportunity to meet him the day after the concert and we worked really hard to get there (before the picture was taken I had basically run about 3 kilometers), but we did and it was so worth it.

I hope I haven’t bored you with this mess of a post, and if you’ve either seen Downton Abbey, gone to a concert, or just want to say something, please tell me in the comments :D.




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