I’m So Excited…and I Just Can’t Hide it

Hello humans!

If you’ve been here before, you know that I recieved a quite large package a couple of days ago. You also know that I didn’t show what was inside this package, but well, here you have it ;D


Voilà! The Complete Sherlock Holmes from Barnes & Noble’s fancy leatherbound classics-collection!

I know I swore not to buy another book until july, but a while ago, a good friend of mine advised me to check out Barnes & Noble’s website and…

So yes, it was love at first sight and I’ve been obsessing ever since. I simply couldn’t get it out of my head. So when we found out that you could get one for $10  if you bought two, I saw the light. We decided to ignore my previous promises and make an exception. I got this one, and she bought Jane Austen: Seven Novels. I actually wanted that one as well, but you have to draw the line somewhere :(.

So anyway, let the pictures flow! (yes, I practically had a photoshoot with a book, sue me)


Oh, look at this beauty! Hello sweetie, you come here often?


1096 pages of gold-shimmery hopes and dreams


I think I’m in love :´)


You sir, have a very nice behind


I must admit I fainted a little when I realised I would probably need a a magnifying glass to  read this, though…

That’s it! End of photos :)

(I did take some pictures of me sniffing the pages, but it ended up looking like I was possessed  by the devil, so…)

But yes, this is my new baby :). I guess it will take me a couple of years to get through this, but it’s nice to have something you can pick up  and put down whenever you feel like it :)

By the way, this will be me every time someone is about to touch this book in the next couple of months

Bye! :)


5 thoughts on “I’m So Excited…and I Just Can’t Hide it

  1. Even though I own this book as well I couldn’t stop looking at your pictures ^^ This book is absolutely wonderful but I do agree with you, the text is soo small!


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