Mini Book Haul: Cinder and Scarlet!

Do you still call it a book haul if it’s only two books? Well, if you do, then this is my first official book haul :)

If you have read this post, you know I’ve been really hungry for new books on my shelf and…..last week these two sweethearts arrived <3


What you see above, are Cinder and Scarletboth written by Marissa Meyer. It’s the first and second book in the sci-fi/dystopian series The Lunar Chronicles, which is absolutely amazing! Aah, look at them! Aren’t they beautiful :D. You should have seen me when I opened the box ;). I haven’t bought any books since February when The Indigo Spell was released, so it’s been a while.


I LOVE the colours and the font and everything! They will look stunning on my bookshelf :)


It might seem a bit weird to post a picture of their backs, but when I ordered them, I really wanted to see the whole book and I couldn’t find it anywhere…so… :)

Sadly, if everything goes smoothly, I won’t be buying any more books until July :(. I will have to feed of the feeling of these two for more than two months! *Big sigh*..

Weeell…back to studying I go (damn you procrastinating past self!)


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