Damn You School!!


This really sucks (at least to me), but for a few weeks, I won’t be able to blog as often as I have been. The reason for this is that school will be extremely stressful and sucky right now :(. I don’t want to be whiny, but this is basically how I feel every, single minute at school ↓

Soo…I will keep posting quotes every day and write reviews whenever I have time and don’t feel like crying my eyes out in a corner. Hopefully this will be over soon (please be over), and I will be back to focusing on reading and blogging again :).



3 thoughts on “Damn You School!!

  1. Lol I get frustrated too that I can’t read as much with college!! It really does suck especially cuz I have classes in summer too. :/ though for me, blogging was just something I started to pass time and get me to read more so I’m not too concerned but I do wanna finish the load of books I have stacked up! :) good luck with ur school tho!! It’s that wonderful time of the year when its closing time LOL

    • Thank you!
      Yeah, it’s over in a few weeks thank god! It just sucks with all the “show-us-what-you-have-learnt”-tests right now :/. I haven’t had the focus to really read all week, which feels sad :(


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