My Thoughts on: The Host Movie

As you might have read in my last post, I went to see the premier of The Host today. I just came home minutes ago and I have to tell you…

I’m Pissed

I’m not going to spoil anything since I know it hasn’t actually premiered yet in most countries. I just have to share my thoughts with you guys.

First of all, I really  tried to enter the cinema with low expectation, but as the movie went on, I realized that I subconsciously had hoped that it would be awesome. It kinda wasn’t…

Yes, I knew they would change a lot. I KNEW that. I UNDERSTAND  that it’s inevitable. I GET that you have to skip some information, but really? Really?!?! They cut out some of my favourite parts and replaced them with other, useless stuff.

And this isn’t really the real problem. I would have been totally fine with the changes if it weren’t for the fact that Every.Single.Scene had ZERO intensity. All the scenes where the characters were angry or sad in the book just went poof and then nobody thought much about it again. Arrgghhh!

I don’t think this is the actors fault though. Not really. They were kind of okay and I actually like Saoirse Ronan. Another person I liked that pissed me off when I first heard he would play the role of my favourite character, was Jake Abel. I warmed up a lot to him, even  though he doesn’t match the Ian in my head. Before, I had only seen him in really bumptious roles, but in this he actually seemed kind, like Ian :).

All in all, I was really disappointed. BUT! Unlike what some people seem to think, the book isn’t ruined to me. I still have my own version and pictures of the scenery and characters in my head :)

ps: I really liked that I didn’t know who was going to play Pet :). I enjoyed the surprise and am happy that I saw it before anyone could spoil me. ;) The actress was perfect except for some small details.

I still think you should see it and form your own opinion :)




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