Day 30 – The first book you can remember reading on your own.

Hey :D

So, we have come to the last day of my 30 day book challenge :).

I think it’s kind of fitting to end it where it all started. With the first book I remember reading on my own :)

Sandvargen, by Åsa Lind

Sandvargen (kartonnage)

You most likely don’t know what this is, after all, it’s a childrens book from Sweden. :) “Sandvargen” is the swedish name, but roughly translated to English, it’s something like “The Wolf of sand”.

I’m pretty sure it’s actually not the first book I read on my own, but it’s the first I remember. I think I got it from school….probably. I might have been like 7. Yes..maybe..

I’m not sure. The only thing I really remember, is that I loved it, and that it was my favourite book for a long time :).

Here you have the translated description :)

When Zackarinas mom and dad don’t want to play with her, she goes down to the beach and talk to the wolf of sand instead. He always has time and inclination to do something fun.
Sand Wolf is sparkly and sandy yellow, and has been around forever. He has great things to say, and he explains that good stuff that Zackarina doesn’t understand. For example, the bruises are medals that you get when you’ve done something reckless. The Wolf of sand is also good at convincing Zackarina that she doesn’t need be afraid of monsters and darkness.

Imaginative and linguistically innovative with rhyme and alliteration, moderately adventurous for the younger children.

That’s it! Finito! Ca y est! Det var allt!

Lets’ see what I should do next :)




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