Quote of the Day

“And he would draw the circles until the entire piece of paper was completely black, and then he would get another piece of paper and draw more circles, and he did this every day, all day, and didn’t pay attention in school and drew circlesall over his tests and shit, and my mom said that this kid’s problem was that he had created a routine to cope with his lost, only the routine became destructive. So anyway, then my mom made him cry about his dad or whatever and the kid stopped drawing circles and presumably  lived happily ever after. But I think about the circles kid sometimed, because I can sort of understand him. I always liked routine. I suppose I never found boredom very boring.  I doubted I could explain it to someone like Margo but drawing circles through life struck me as a kind of reasonable insanity. So I should have felt fine about not going to New York- it was a dumb idea, anyway. But as I went about my routine that night and the next day at school, it ate away at me, as if the routine itself was taking me farther away from reuniting with her.”

– John Green (Paper Towns)



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