Day 20 – Least Favourite Character

Hmm..least favourite character…

In books, there are almost always one or two characters you just don’t like. It’s pretty logical since you don’t like EVERYONE in real life either.

For me, it’s mostly some side character I just can’t stand, but those you can pretty much ignore and still enjoy the story.

Villains are often pretty dislikeable too, but that’s different. You’re supposed to hate them. I, at least, kind of love hating the bad guys/girls and even if they are evil sons of bitches, they can still be great characters.

Once in a while though, you find a protagonist that you want to smack in the face, yell at and then leave, never looking back.

For me, that basically happened with Miss Nora Grey from Hush Hush….

Sadly, I will have to admit I kind of enjoyed the first book when I read it about three years ago. I found nothing particularly “wrong” with Nora and so, I also read the second book. Up until this point, I hadn’t yet realized what a whiny, get-angry-at-nothing, character she was. When I found out, I hoped she would be better in the third. She wasn’t.

So that pretty much sucked.

I’m sorry, but I don’t really have time. I have to catch the bus in 15 minutes and my hair is wet, so..

Bye! :)



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