Day 18 – A Book You Thought You Would Like But Ended Up Hating

This is actuallt really easy.

A book I thought I  would love but ended up hating is:

Fallen, by Lauren Kate

Fallen (Fallen, #1)

You can probably guess what it was that made me want to read this book, huh? I mean, look at the cover. Look at it! It’s goregeous! It just draws you in and whispers: “read me….read mee”. I couldn’t possibly resist.

It started out okay. Not very interesting, but not exactly bad. Then it just went downhill and to be honest, I barely remember what the plot was about. I only remember that those 452 pages felt like a thousand. That I wanted to kill all the characters for their stupidity. Like really? REALLY? The whole thing was just depressing.

I don’t mean to criticize the author or anyone who liked the book. We all have different tastes and Fallen just wasn’t anything for me. It’s just really sad when you expect great things from something and it ends up destroying your trust for beautiful covers forever. I’m kidding, but seriously, this was not a book for me.



6 thoughts on “Day 18 – A Book You Thought You Would Like But Ended Up Hating

  1. I didn’t like the first book but at that time, it was a MILLION times better than Hush Hush and I ended up liking the rest of the series. The last one made me love the series though I don’t even remember much of the previous books.

      • The concept remains the same so you might not like it. It’s a good book in my opinion but its not exactly an extraordinary book so if you find it boring, there’s no pointing in suffering through. What I usually do with books I’m not sure about is sneak a little peak of it in a library or something and if I don’t like, back on the shelf it goes—no harm done. LOL. ;)


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