Day 15 – Favourite Male Character

If you have read my previous posts, I think you know were this is going….

My 10 Favourite Male Main Characters…Right Now

  • Todd Hewitt (Chaos Walking)

I’m seriously, completely in love with Todd Hewitt…and I don’t know why. He isn’t your usual swoon-worthy male character, but it’s just something about him. I want him to be real.

“So who are you then, Todd Hewitt?” he says. “What makes you so special?”
Now that, I think, is a very good asking.”

  • Four (Divergent)

Do I really have to tell you why? Have you read Divergent? He’s amazing.

“Who is he when he isn’t Dauntless, isn’t an instructor, isn’t Four, isn’t anything in particular?

Whoever he is, I like him. It’s easier to admit that to myself now, in the dark, after all that just happened. He is not sweet or gentle or particularly kind. But he is smart and brave, and even though he saved me, he treated me like I was strong. That is all I need to know.”

  • Harry Potter (Harry Potter)

I wish I was best friend with Harry Potter, mainly because that would mean I was a wizzard ;).

“It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.”

  • Augustus Waters (The Fault in Our Stars)

If you ever spot a boy like Augustus Waters, call me.

“I have an Augustus Waters fetish.”

  • Adrian Ivashkov (Vampire Academy, Bloodlines)

What I love the most about Adrian is how funny and caring he is. He’s just a great character to read about.

“Takes a lot of tries before you hit perfection.” He paused to reconsider that. “Well, except for my parents. They got it on the first try.”

(Yes they did)

  • Étienne St. Clair (Anna and the French Kiss)

Really, a English/French/American boy with great hair. Where can I find one?

“I’m a little distracted by this English French American Boy Masterpiece.”

  • Ian O’Shea (The Host)

He’s so nice and great! I honestly liked him a lot more than Jared.

“I held you in my hands, Wanderer, and you were beautiful.”

  • (Don’t want to spoil his first name) Warner (Shatter Me)

When or how this phsycopath badboy became so swoon-worthy, I don’t know. I only know I like it. A lot.

“He looks immaculate.
Flawless, especially as he stands here among the dirt and destruction, surrounded by the bleakest colors this landscape has to offer. He’s a vision of emerald and onyx, silhouetted in the sunlight in the most deceiving way.”

  • Sam Roth (The Wolves of Mercy falls)

Some think he is boring. I think he is sweet. I would love to know a boy like Sam!

“Sensitive,” I tried.

Sam translated: “Squishy.”


“Dangerously emo.”


“Feng shui.”

I laughed so hard I snorted. “How do you get feng shui out of ‘thoughtful’?”

“You know, because in feng shui, you arrange furniture and plants and stuff in thoughtful ways.” Sam shrugged. “To make you calm. Zenlike. Or something. I’m not one hundred percent sure how it all works, besides the thoughtful part.”

  • Cricket Bell (Lola and the Boy Next Door)

Cricket <3

“Here’s the thing about Cricket Bell. You can’t NOT notice him when he walks into a room. The first thing that registers is his height, but it’s quickly followed by recognition of his energy. He moves gracefully like his sister, but with an enthusiasm he can’t quite control- the constantly moving body, hands, feet. He’s been subdued the last few times I’ve seen him, but he’s fully revived now.”

Sorry if this was a bit blurry, but these boys affect my ability to think straight. They are so amazing <3

I think I have to spend the rest of the night smiling and dreamily look at the stars.

Bye! :)


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