Day 06 – A Book That Makes You Sad

Up until recently, I rarely cried while reading books. I could read about thousand deaths without shedding a single tear. I felt sad, sure, but not cry-my-heart-out-sad. Now I can cry for half an hour simply because a book is over (aka Unravel Me)

You know what I blame? I blame the stars…

The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green

The Fault in Our Stars

I have praised this book many times before, but honestly, it will never be enough. This book is so unbelievably amazing and you can’t really begin to understand all the feelings until you have read it yourself. Luckily, the solution is really simple. Read. the. book.

Just watching this Gif makes me cry.

also, I just have to add that while this book makes me really sad, it makes me happy too. I can’t even



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