Mini-Review: He’s With Me

He's With MeTitle: He’s With Me

Author: Tamara Summers

Published: May 1st 2007

Length: 224 pages (Paperback)

Lexie has been in love with her twinbrother’s best friend since the day she first saw him three years ago. But Jake is really popular among the female population and would hardly like her too..right?

This summer, the evil man-slaugherer girl, Bree has set her eyes on Jake. To escape her vicious claws he has to get a girlfriend really fast. Colin, Lexie’s brother, comes up with a solution. Lexie and Jake could pretend to date until Bree loses interest.

Now Lexie is confused. What’s fake and what’s real? 


Soo…I’m not exactly sure why I picked this one up. I guess it seemed sweet and nice, which it was. That would have been okay if it was something more than that, but it wasn’t. It was about as deep as a puddle and the characters weren’t very interesting. Lexie was so insecure I wanted to throw the book at a wall, except I didn’t care enough about her story to do that. The words just fell flat and the characters were one dimensional. Some of them and the way they behaved were utterly ridiculous, especially Bree. Like, who in their right mind sends an e-mail saying: you’re my boyfriend now, congrats, here’s a list on how to date me, see ya.

Just no.

So yeah, the relationship between Lexie and Jake was sweet and some parts were fun. The end.


Other books I have read by Tamara Summers:

  • Never Bite a Boy on the First Date
  • Save the Date



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